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Recommendations for David Freeman of Freeman & Associates Consulting:

David M. Freeman, Principal of Freeman & Associates LLC - Strategy, Marketing and Branding leader.

"I had the pleasure of working with David in his capacity as Vice President of Marketing at Cell Signaling Technology. David brings a passion and energy to his work that inspires those around him to raise the bar - for their peers as well as for themselves. He has that rare combination of strategic vision and results orientation that allows him to transition seamlessly from driving organizational alignment to engaging very directly in execution management. David inherently understands and champions the need for close cross-functional partnerships, and specifically for the role Marketing can play as a bridging function between Product Development and the Commercial organization. An experienced leader, excellent critical thinker, and collaborative partner, David will be an asset to any organization."

Dawn Mattoon, Vice President, Product Development at Cell Signaling Technology (CST)


"I had the privilege of working with David at Cell Signaling Technology. David has been an invaluable asset to the company, articulating and leading the global product and go-to-market strategy. He brings a rare level of creativity, innovation and marketing sophistication supported by data. David is a great collaborative team player, who can be relied upon to lead multi-functional projects diligently and through example.  I recommend him very highly."

Philippe Mourere, Vice President of Global Sales at Cell Signaling Technology (CST)



"David was my direct supervisor at Cell Signaling Technology, where he was V.P. Global Marketing. David is an incredible marketer with a mind full of tremendous ideas, but more importantly he was the type of boss that made me better in my role. He pushed me to the edge of my competencies and to my surprise I always exceeded my own expectations." 

Rebecca ReppucciDirector of Marketing Communications at Cell Signaling Technology



"I had the pleasure of working closely with David for over two years at Cell Signaling Technology. David has a tremendous passion for marketing and brought this passion with him to work every day. He is also the most creative and strategic marketing professional that I have worked with and was absolutely tireless in his efforts to bring value to CST." 

Craig M Thompson, Vice President, Global Operations and Production at Cell Signaling Technology (CST)


“I had the good fortune of working with David on two different occasions; first at GE Healthcare where he lead the global marketing strategy for the Patient Monitoring and Parameters group and then more recently at KCI. I would like to highlight the work he did for me at KCI. David's leadership and professionalism as a consultant was outstanding. He led the global marketing team during a transition period leading up to the sale of the company. For nine months he oversaw marketing. He developed and implemented a product line strategy, messaging, tools to aide the sales organization and organized the team setting clear and specific goals which created stronger teamwork and better results for KCI. David's impact was felt immediately as he helped the team manage through a number of challenges providing guidance and expertise to help the business and individuals on his team grow. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a marketing and/or business strategy leader. 

Mike GenauPresident, Kinetic Concepts


“I recruited David to join GEHC as CMO for our monitoring business. He had worked for me on two previous occasions, at HP and Philips. The bottom line for engaging David a third time was that he get's results. He's accomplished at all facets of marketing, both upstream and down. David brings a level of expertise, rigor, creativity and passion for succeeding that I find rare among industry peers. If you're looking to gain competitive advantage (and who isn't), consider David. He'll deliver. I recommend him without reservation and invite you to contact me as a reference.”

Ataide, DavidVice President & General Manager, GE Healthcare


“David is smart, creative and hard-working. His broad and deep experience allow him to analyze problems from practically all angles and propose creative solutions that emphasize long term strategy. He is deeply empathetic which makes him both good at his job and great to work with. David started working with Convergence as a consultant and later became SVP of Marketing and Operations. He helped shape our company's commercialization strategy and regulatory pathway while also building relationships with partners and vendors. I can attest to the great value David can bring to a company and highly recommend him.”

 Jose BohorquezPresident and Co-Founder, Convergence Medical Devices, Inc.


“In my thirteen years working with C-level executives on the PR agency side, David stands out as the most passionate, visionary and committed marketing professional with whom I have been associated.” 

Shanti SkiffingtonVice President, Schwartz Communications


David served as GM for GE's Parameters business, where he proved himself a capable global General Manager. Charged with P&L responsibility, David successfully defined and executed a growth strategy for a newly established carve-out. Over a short period of time he built an international team, unified them around a vision and made significant advances in growing the existing business while incubating new innovations. 

In making the transition from Marketing to General Management, David demonstrated the combination of leadership skills, strategic thinking, domain expertise and business acumen needed to successfully lead a business.  I recommend David for consideration and invite inquiries.”

Ataide, DavidVice President & General Manager, GE Healthcare


“David Freeman has a very keen sense for marketing. He is one of the best critical thinkers with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. He drives both himself and his teams to be clear and purposeful with strategy, and diligent with execution. Results follow. 

David has been very intentional in building his facets of the GE brand, from product to communications, channel and customer, domestic and international. He sees the big picture. I recommend David Freeman with great enthusiasm - and will share a wry smile and a little pity for his market competitors.”

Dave MillerOwner, Stoke Strategy


“I hold David in highest regard - he is a strategic thinker and visionary. He leads by example, encouraging his team and those he interacts with to achieve the best possible results. On a personal level David is a clear "go to guy" who is a excellent mentor. I have no hesitations on recommending David.”

Brian McIlroyClinical System Platform Leader, GE Global Research


“David led the Parameters business within GE Healthcare, which was a newly created business with products that had been neglected for years. Within the first few months, David set a very clear and sound strategy for the business and then successfully rallied the entire team behind that strategy. His passion, dedication and leadership is nothing shy of admirable.” May 15, 2010

Akel AkelStrategy Leader - Monitoring Solutions, GE Healthcare


“As CMO, David helped crystallize take the vision of our business through a thorough process of market and customer backed research which I consider to be best in class. As GM for our Parameters business, David led the development of strategic product roadmaps while driving key changes in the business to make it successful. I have learned from David's strengths and wish him much success in the future.”

Munesh MakhijaGeneral Manager, Systems & Wireless, GE Healthcare


“During David's tenure at BD Biosciences he was instrumental in the strengthening of the marketing function. Through a combination of staff development and recruitment, improved organizational design and processes he was able to refocus the organization on current/next generation product development, create a deeper marcom function, and add more attention to distribution and channel management. Some examples of his accomplishments include: 1. Entry into private label products - increased revenue without damaging our branded price/positioning 2. Renewed sales focus and linkage with marketing, as evidenced by the Integration of the direct sales team into marketing and the development of the distributor network 3. Strategic Planning - both at the business unit and segment level - David provided leadership in developing a differentiated strategy for growth 4. Drove marketing engagement in business development, from deal participation through target ID and assessment”

Joseph GentileVice President and General Manager, BD Biosciences, BD


“David is not your average leader. He has a unique way of provoking strategic thought among his teams to approach a business problem in new, inspiring ways. He expects a lot from his staff and colleagues, but he delivers as much of himself and more. He has earned the respect of countless professionals, in Marketing and across a broad spectrum of functions and roles, for his ability to engage dedicated colleagues in driving business results. As a highly strategic leader, who also takes care to be an effective and thoughtful people manager, David is among the best you’ll find.”

Carissa Caramanis O'Brien, President, Red Box Communications 


“David consistently demonstrates unique leadership skills with the ability to develop strategic direction while understanding execution detail. He tirelessly mentors staff, using stretch assignments as a practical tool for employee growth through example. One of the strongest Marketing/Business leaders I have had the pleasure to work with!”

Joe ReppVice President, Discovery Labware, BD Biosciences